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Everything We Need for a Successful Finals Week

Finals week is hard, but it doesn’t have to be terribly miserable! Well, that may be debateable… but who says some fun freebies can’t help brighten it at least a little bit?

Her Campus and our amazing sponsors sent us this amazing Finals Survival Kit filled with all of our finals week essentials — from cozy blankets to keep us warm in the library to products that will help our Hasn’t-Been-Washed-In-Three-Days hair looking fresh. Check it all out below!

1. Our good friends at Chipotle Mexican Grill once again hooked us up with our fave BOGO cards — perfect for late-night study parties (or just when you’re really, really hungry).

2. Michael Kors sent us some awesome scented flash tattoo bracelets, which we didn’t even know existed but we are absolutely obsessed with! Is there a cuter way to sport your fave fragrance?!

3. Winter fashion can sometimes be bland and boring, but you can never go wrong with some fun Vera Bradley prints. This plush blanket is perfection, and these keychain wallets are super handy for rushing out for errands in between study sessions!

4. Working out can be hard in the winter — especially during finals week — but cute workout gear is the greatest motivator. This matte black water bottle from Sorel is the perfect way to make sure we’re staying hydrated both inside and outside of the gym.

5. Stress and unhealthy eating are some of the top causes of break outs, and finals week can do a real number on your face. Our friends at Proactiv hooked us up with everything we need to complete our skincare routine as we head into the winter!

6. TRESemmé is always our go-to for easy hair care that has amazing results. Their Perfectly (Un)Done Sea Salt Sprays take the hard work out of effortless beachy styling — a true godsend during the winter when it’s too cold to head to the beach!

Stay tuned for how you can win some of these amazing products for your own this winter!


Lara is a graduate of Oregon State University, with a degree in New Media Communications and minors in writing and Spanish. Currently, Lara resides in New York City and works in the Influencer Marketing space.
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