Campus Profile: Your Bed


It’s dead week and so of course more than anything all we want to do is sleep so this week’s shout out goes out to all the comfy (and even not so comfy) beds out there. As much as they try short naps and caffeine can never replace you.

Here’s 10 more reasons we can’t live without you:


1. Whether you’re brand new or we’ve had you for years we have a history together.

2. You have that one pillow I now can’t live without (memory foam will change your life).

3. Sometimes if I don’t wash my face you soak up all my makeup.

4. You deal with my meltdowns when my computer freezes or I’m fighting with a friend.

5. You have my t-shirt blanket to remind me of how far I’ve come since high school.

6. You don’t care if I get crumbs all over you.

7. You don’t judge me if I lay under the covers and watch Scrubs for hours on end.

8. You don’t care if I sleep sideways, arms out, or curled up like some type of kitty cat.

9. You never cancel our plans (our plans being me rolling under the covers after work).

10. You don’t judge me when I choose sleep over studying or being productive in any way.


What’s your favorite thing about your bed?

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