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Campus Profile: So Worth Loving

This week, we are featuring Katherine, the OSU Campus Rep for So Worth Loving, a company rooted in promoting self-love through fashion.



HC at Oregon State: How did you become involved with SWL?

Katherine:  I got involved with So Worth Loving after I stumbled upon the company through social media and saw that they were hiring Campus Reps. Although the Campus Rep position is purely volunteer, I decided to go for it after looking more at the company’s mission statement and what they stand for. It was something that I could really stand behind and saw fitting into various aspects of my life. Plus they make cute shirts.


HC at Oregon State: What is the main purpose or goal of SWL at Oregon State? What does it support?

Katherine: So Worth Loving is about spreading the message that we are all worthy of love through not only cool t-shirts, but through building communities where talking about worth and self-love are the norm. As a Campus Rep for SWL here at Oregon State, my goal is to spark those conversations in our community and to get people sharing their stories while supporting others in their journey. The SWL community is one that spans all over the world and being able to bring that to OSU is a really cool thing.



HC at Oregon State: How can students become part of the movement?

Katherine: Students can become a part of the movement by keeping in touch with SWL at Oregon State through instagram and our facebook page! If they want to become more involved, they can send us a message on the facebook page. But, of course, repping the message is always a great way to help spark those conversations. Whether it be a sticker, key chain, or a t-shirt, soworthloving.com has a lot of great items that can serve as a reminder that we are all worth loving. I highly suggest that they also check out the So Worth Loving tumblr page! They are always sharing positive messages, inspirational quotes, and stories from people in the SWL community.


HC at Oregon State: What are your goals for the group over this school year?

Katherine: This year our goal is to just be known on campus and make quality connections with students and other community members. This last term was kind of slow, kind of learning how SWL fits in on campus, but I am excited to get the ball really rolling this year. Plan on hearing about hangouts, coffee dates, and other collaborations with on-campus organizations these next two terms!


HC at Oregon State: Where and when can the community find SWL around campus next?

Katherine: We currently are planning on having a tabling event in the quad with Her Campus on Thursday, February 11th, from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Definitely come by, get some free stuff, and learn more about So Worth Loving!



Head over to Instagram or Facebook and check out SWL at Oregon State to find out more about events on campus. Head over to soworthloving.com to read some stories and check out their merchandise! Photos from: soworthloving

Lara is a graduate of Oregon State University, with a degree in New Media Communications and minors in writing and Spanish. Currently, Lara resides in New York City and works in the Influencer Marketing space.
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