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Campus Profile: Mary Kate Marshall

This week’s Campus Profile is Oregon State athlete, Mary Kate Marshall. Keep reading to learn more about the volleyball player’s life and time at Oregon State!

Name: Mary Kate Marshall

Hometown: Coppell, Texas

Major/Minor: Kinesiology

Year: Sophomore




HC at OR State:  You’re on the school’s volleyball team. Why did you choose to come here and play volleyball?

Mary Kate: I chose to come here because I wanted to play volleyball at the highest level and I really liked the coaching staff.


HC at OR State: You won Pac 12 Freshman of the year two seasons ago. How did that feel and what other volleyball accolades are you working towards now?

Mary Kate: It was cool seeing all my hard work payoff! A lot of college coaches doubted me and being able to win that award helped me prove them wrong. I’m working hard with my team to hopefully become a First Team All American: that’s one of my biggest goals.


HC at OR State: What would you say is a big misconception about being a student athlete?

Mary Kate: I think a big misconception about being a student athlete is that with athletics we can get into any school, but the truth is we actually had to get good grades in high school and score well on the ACT/SAT.


HC at OR State:  Is it difficult going to college so far away from home?

Mary Kate: Yes, it is very difficult. I miss home a lot, especially when we aren’t in season. I don’t get see my family unless it’s for spring break, Christmas, or 2 weeks during the summer.




HC at OR State: What has been your best memory since coming to Oregon State?

Mary Kate: My best memory was going to the Sweet 16 with the volleyball team my freshman year!


HC at OR State:  What do you hope to do with your degree?

Mary Kate: I want to go to physical therapy school and then be a physical therapist specifically for athletes or kids.


HC at OR State:  If you could go to any concert and be front in the row who would it be?

Mary Kate: Justin Bieber! I am actually going to the concert on March 15 and I’m super excited!!


HC at OR State:  What is your favorite movie and what’s your favorite quote from it?

Mary Kate: Big Hero 6. My favorite part would have to be where Hiro teaches Baymax how to fist bumb and Baymax says “Balalalala”.


HC at OR State: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Mary Kate: In 10 years I see myself being a successful physical therapist living in Texas with my husband. 


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Volleyball player and English major at Oregon State!
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