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Campus Profile: Katie McWilliams

This week’s campus profile is on Katie McWilliams, a student-athlete on the now 20-2 women’s basketball team! Read on to learn more about the superstar sophomore!


Name: Katie McWilliams

Hometown: Salem, Oregon

Major/Minor: Kinesiology

Year: Sophomore



HC at OR State: Why did you decide to come to Oregon State?

Katie: I wanted to stay close to home in order for my family and close relatives to have an easy opportunity to make it to a lot of games. Also, I have been a beaver fan since I was a little girl, and it was always my dream to be a beaver myself. I fell in love with the coaches and team when I took various visits and now they are like family to me.


HC at OR State: What was it like making it to the final four in 2016?

Katie: It was a dream come true. To make it to the final four your freshman year isn’t common, so to have that experience was amazing. We proved that we were one of the top four teams in the nation and although the outcome wasn’t what we wanted, getting that far in your season is what you play for and we are working to get there again. Our team was definitely spoiled with gear and other gifts, and the support we had from everywhere was so awesome.


HC at OR State: How is this year different from your freshman year basketball wise?

​Katie: Since I had so much experience on the court my freshman year, I feel so much more comfortable and the nerves have settled down. I am playing the backup point guard, as well as the other two wing positions, and I am always looking to make an impact for this team by scoring, getting assists, or making plays on the defensive end. The team is different after losing five seniors last year, but everyone has adapted to their roles and we have been very successful so far. It’s inspiring to play with such amazing players and to have such dedicated coaches who always have your back. The team and my individual role will be different from year to year, but we always have the same goals and my love for the game of basketball won’t change.


HC at OR State: What else are you interested in/involved in at Oregon State?

​Katie: I am a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC), representing women’s basketball. We meet once every other week and talk about changes we can make to better the athletic department, events, community service opportunities, and much more to help the athletic community. Within that, I am apart of the events committee and we come up with ideas and then execute the events. Some of those main events include the talent show and The Benny’s. Other than that, most of my time is taken up by academics and basketball, but I am interested in becoming more involved with the adapted physical activity programs on campus and to have some kind of leadership position in athletics.


HC at OR State: What has been your best experience since arriving at Oregon State?

​Katie: There have been so many great experiences and I’ve only been here for a year and a half. I have made new friendships that I hope will last forever, my team has won the Pac-12 conference, the Pac-12 tournament and made it to the Final Four and I am able to study Kinesiology, a field that I have always been interested in, which makes school a lot more fun.


HC at OR State: What are some of your hobbies?

​Katie: I love to play sports like sand volleyball, football and racquetball, I love to swim and go hiking, and I love to fish. Spending time with friends and family is always a hobby of mine as well, and those are the people I do all my other hobbies with.


HC at OR State: In 10 years where do you see yourself?

​Katie: In 10 years I’ll be 30, so I probably won’t be playing too much competitive basketball anymore. The hope is to be settled down with a stable job and possibly married and in the midst of starting a family. I don’t know what that job will be at this point, but I can see myself being a college coach or being an athletic trainer for a high school or college team. I wouldn’t mind staying in Oregon because I’m so familiar with it and I think it’s beautiful, but I know I will be lead on a path that is the right fit for me.


Check back next week for another awesome campus profile!

Volleyball player and English major at Oregon State!
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