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Campus Profile: Kaitlyn Danna

Read on to meet Kaitlyn Danna, a campus rep for Victoria’s Secret Pink, and hear about all she does on campus with Oregon State Pink. 

(Kaitlyn Danna, photo from Facebook)

Kaitlyn Danna has been a Campus Representative for Oregon State Pink for over two years now. She had been working with Victoria’s Secret Pink for four years when she saw the opening to be a Campus Representative, she sent in her resume and here she is 2 years later, still a rep for them. Being a representative for Pink has created new opportunities for Kaitlyn to grow Pink’s presences on campus, as well as across the U.S. with reps from other Universities.


(Photo from Facebook)

Kaitlyn plans events around campus related to Pink, mostly workout or active events that promote their new active wear, fashion show viewing parties of the infamous Victoria’s Secret Fashion show every year in early December. She also plans a spring break “party” that promotes their spring break collection as well as in store events to promote new bras and panties. Events you may have been to before or heard of on campus are events such as a Zumba workout held at Dixon where over 100 people showed up, while she and her rep partner gave away over 50 prizes from Pink. Another event you may have heard of last year at Yogurt Extreme where over 300 people showed up to win free prizes from Pink, “a great way to end the year” she stated.


(Photo from Facebook of her and Rachel, a Pink Model)

Being a rep for Victoria’s Secret Pink definitely has its perks, like getting to meet some of their models. Kaitlyn met their most famous Pink model, Rachel last year when she was given the opportunity as a campus rep to travel to their Corporate office in Columbus, Ohio. She, along with 200 other campus reps from across the country were able to bond and go on a shopping spree all paid for by Pink.

(Photo from Facebook)

If you’re looking for the next event Kaitlyn will be hosting, come to McMenamins on December 5th to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. Free prizes will be given out all night so it’s definitely worth checking out! If you’re interested in becoming a rep for Victoria’s Secret Pink go to their website and search “Campus Representatives” for more information on how to get involved! According to Kaitlyn, positions will be opening up on their team next term so get a jump on it! I mean, who doesn’t love Pink and who doesn’t love free stuff? I know I do!




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