Campus Profile: Kaitlyn Cepeda


Name: Kaitlyn Cepeda

Year: 4th/Senior

Major/Minor: Human Development and Family Science

Hometown: Tualatin, OR

HC at Oregon State: Why did you choose Oregon State?

Kaitlyn: I liked the location (close enough, but far enough away from home) and it had the degree that I wanted to pursue.


HC at Oregon State: Cats or dogs?

Kaitlyn: I like them both, but I would probably pick dogs.


HC at Oregon State: What is your favorite pastime?

Kaitlyn: Baking!


HC at Oregon State: Where would you go on your dream vacation?

Kaitlyn: Definitely traveling around Europe!


HC at Oregon State: What do you want to be when you “grow up”?

Kaitlyn: I don’t ever want to grow up. But when I graduate I want to be an elementary school teacher and work with kids with special needs.


HC at Oregon State: What is your favorite college memory?

Kaitlyn: My freshman year I got to travel with the Oregon State Marching Band to San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl. It was so much fun exploring the city and getting to perform in such a large venue.


HC at Oregon State: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Kaitlyn: I see myself being happy. I’m not sure where I want to be living or what exactly my life will look like. But I know I want to be happy no matter what I’m doing.