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This week’s Campus Profile is Chi Theta Phi recruitment chair, Hannah Norum. Read on to learn more about the organization and Hannah’s experience here at Oregon State.

Name: Hannah Norum

Hometown: Pepperell, MA

Major/Minor: Apparel Design and Merchandising Management with a Minor in Business and Entrepreneurship

Year: Junior




HC at Oregon State: What do you like most about fall term on campus?

Hannah: I love seeing both new and familiar faces and getting to do more classes in my major. This term I’m especially excited because I’ve been getting more involved on campus with fall recruitment for my sorority and making friends on the sailing team.


HC at Oregon State: I see you’re a design major. What do you like most about the design programs here at Oregon State? What has been your favorite class so far?

Hannah: I think what I like the most about the design programs at OSU is the association with college of business. At the end of the day, we need the business skills as well as the design skills to be more prepared to succeed in the industry. It’s also pretty cool to be so close to Nike. We may hear that name a lot in our programs but it’s given us the opportunity to do projects that allow us firsthand experience as a designer or merchandiser. So far my favorite class has been apparel construction. I’ve been sewing most of my life but I’m finally getting to learn all of the standards that are necessary to becoming an apparel designer. I also enjoy sewing so it’s fun getting to do it for a class.


HC at Oregon State: When did you join Chi Theta Phi? What initially drew you to the organization and made you want to get involved in a leadership position within it?

Hannah:  Initially I was looking for a community of like minded girls in the design program. I wasn’t interested in greek life but I found that Chi Theta Phi was a good fit for me regardless. When elections came around, I was hesitant to run for a position but I felt that I could do a good job as the recruitment chair since I had enjoyed the process of becoming a member so much myself and wanted to be a part of passing that experience onto future members.


HC at Oregon State: What do you think sets Chi Theta Phi apart from other sororities here on campus?

Hannah: I think what sets Chi Theta Phi apart is the close knit, community feel with the focus on art and design. There’s also something special about being a local independent sorority, which lends itself well to our unique and great group of girls. I always felt overwhelmed by older more established sororities and I think Chi Theta Phi felt like a unique sorority home for me.


HC at Oregon State: What has been your favorite experience that you’ve had as a member of Chi Theta Phi?

Hannah:  I’ve actually really enjoyed being the recruitment chair this year. I love that it’s given me the new experience of planning and executing events and allowed me to grow and work with my sisters toward a goal of bringing new girls to our sorority family.


HC at Oregon State: What organizations or activities have you been a part of here on campus besides Chi Theta Phi?

Hannah: Besides Chi Theta Phi, I’ve been involved with the OSU repair fairs, helping to mend clothing and most recently I’ve joined the sailing team which has turned out to be really fun. I also like to participate as a designer in the fashion shows that are put on throughout the year.


HC at Oregon State: What do you like most about being a part of the Greek community here at Oregon State? What resources or opportunities do you think you’ve gained by being a part of the community that you wouldn’t have otherwise?

Hannah: I like that I get to meet so many people I may not have otherwise by being a part of greek life. I’ve gotten the opportunity to be in a leadership position where I’ve learned more than I expected to and resources of just knowing more people in the design programs and being able to consult or ask their advice is amazing.


HC at Oregon State: What would you say to a transfer student or non-traditional student interested in joining your sorority or Greek life in general? What advice would you give them and what do you think they could gain from the experience?

Hannah: I would say that we’re open to most anyone who wants to join whether a design major or just interested in art and design and that it’s awesome when you find a like minded community to get involved with. I didn’t join until fall term of my sophomore year because I wasn’t sure if Greek life was for me and it turned out to be just what I was looking for. At the end of the day, it’s really about finding a community that you can see yourself being a part of and making the most of it.


HC at Oregon State: Does Chi Theta Phi have any upcoming recruitment events during fall term that those interested can attend?

Hannah: We will be tabling all of week 1 in the Memorial Union quad as well as a meet and greet that Friday at Dutch Bros. There will also be some info and activity nights on Oct 4th and 6th at 7pm in MU 208. Come say hi, we’d love to meet you!


If you are a woman here on campus interested in joining Chi Theta Phi: shoot them a message on Facebook, visit them on Instagram, check out their Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life profile here, or check out their website.


Stay tuned next week for another member of the Greek community here at Oregon State to join us in celebrating fall recruitment season!


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