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Campus Cutie: Erika Graves

Name: Erika Graves

Hometown: Aurora, Colorado

Year in school: Sophomore

Major: Art

Relationship Status: Taken

This week’s Campus Cutie is the lovely Erika. Keep reading to learn more about her!

HC at Oregon State: What has been your favorite class so far at Oregon State?

Erika: Drawing three, which is a class for my major. It allows for the most freedom, but it still allows you to capture the human form in realistic ways.

HC at Oregon State: What are you involved in on campus? Do you have a job on campus or are you a part of any organizations?

Erika: Yes, I work for OSU catering here on campus, which I love being a part of. I’m also a part of the Oregon State Democrats club.

HC at Oregon State: What is your favorite place to nap or relax on campus?

Erika: The Fairbanks basement has three or four big couches, stuffed animals, art magazines, and a microwave, and it is just really comfy. It just makes me happy!

HC at Oregon State: What made you come to Oregon State?

Erika: The beautiful campus, and it has the courses I wanted to pursue art therapy.

HC at Oregon State: What is your favorite comfort food?

Erika: Birthday Cake Oreos.

HC at Oregon State: Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?

Erika: Jake Gyllenhaal, because his eyes are perfect and his scruff is unbelievable.

HC at Oregon State: What are your plans for after graduation?

Erika: I would love to take a year off in Edinburgh, Scotland and work odd jobs there.

Give a round of applause to this lovely artistic lady, and stay tuned for next week’s Campus Cutie!


Madeline is a Senior at Oregon State majoring in Merchandising Management and minoring in writing. She was the 2016-'17 president of Chi Theta Phi, a local design sorority on campus. If she's not in class, at a club meeting, chapter, or writing, she's probably spending time with her family, friends, walking her dogs, eating junk food, or watching too many crime, comedy, or fashion shows on Netflix. She likes cheese, dogs, creative projects, obnoxious animal prints, garage sales, farmer's markets, and generally just being silly. 
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