Campus Celebrity: Mykael Moore

Name: Mykael Moore

Year: Junior

Major: Public Health

Hometown: Hillsboro, OR

This week's Campus Celebrity is the amazing Mykael Moore! Read on to find out more about her:

HC at Oregon State: What made you first want to get involved with ASOSU (Associated Students of Oregon State University) here on campus?

Mykael: I started by proxy for a couple of different senators, and I thought that was about as much as my involvement with ASOSU was going to go. Then my sorority sister Tori, who was Vice President at the time, convinced me to apply for some current senate openings, in which I was then appointed and finished the rest of my year on the senate. I love advocating for students needs and I love to argue, so it was a great fit for me. After the school year was coming to a close I realized that I didn’t want my time with ASOSU to end, so I applied for ASOSU Chief of Staff on a whim. I didn’t really think that I was going to get it.  I then received a phone call from Taylor offering me the position, in which I responded with 'yes' and tears of joy.

HC at Oregon State: What are the issues that you are most passionate about in your position as the ASOSU Chief of Staff?

Mykael: With my current position I don’t get to do a lot of advocacy work, but I do get to help out TFD’s with their projects. One of my favorite projects that I have been able to work on and something that is actually a true passion to me would have to be the It’s ON US Campaign, which brings awareness to sexual assault. It is also a plus that one of my sorority sisters who is also our wellness TFD is heading that campaign, so we get to sit and talk a lot about how the campaign is going. It’s really nice because her ideals for campaign align a lot with mine.

HC at Oregon State: What are your duties as ASOSU Chief of Staff?

Mykael: I like to let people know that my job is that small portion that says "as duties are assigned." I do a lot of the back office work like completing travel forms and being the liaison for Taylor and the students when it comes to appointing students for committees in the Faculty Senate. I also make sure that our staff is in good communication with one another and to make sure to reach out to make sure that if others are in need of help that they receive it. I am the TA for the Internship Class for ASOSU as well.

HC at Oregon State: What are some other hobbies, clubs, or interests you enjoy?

Mykael: I am a Kappa Alpha Theta, so a lot of the time I'm with my sisters, but when I am not with my sisters I love to read and be outside - If I could spend every day outside I would. I also love to go to the gym (rock climbing) and I love to swing dance.

HC at Oregon State: How do you think being involved with ASOSU will help you with your career goals after graduation?

Mykael: ASOSU has fostered a lot of professional development for me. I have learned a lot of different communications styles now, and I have more of an understanding for how organizations work. It has made me pretty passionate about social justice issues which I feel will help me from a social work stand point, which is something that I want to do as a life long career.

HC at Oregon State: How should other students get involved with ASOSU on campus? Any clubs or classes you would suggest?

Mykael: Take our internship class and you pretty much have autonomy to get to do whatever you want to do. You will enjoy your time at ASOSU and will obtain wonderful professional skills during your time as an intern.

Give it up for Mykael, and check back next week for another Campus Celebrity!