"Blackfish" and the Truth About SeaWorld

One of the most popular documentaries of 2013 was Blackfish, and by now most of you have probably seen it or at least heard of it. If not, it is about the ways in which orcas are treated at SeaWorld. Even though the movie focused on one specific whale, Tilikum, it showed viewers a detailed look at what all of the orca whales are put through in their "homes."

While most may be familiar with the movie, a lot of people are not familiar with the actual effects Blackfish has had on the marine park. As of November 16th 2014, SeaWorld’s stock is down 50% for the year, and they have lost half a million visitors in 2014 when compared to 2013. This is a huge win for Blackfish supporters because this means the movie is actually affecting their attendance. In the past year there have been more protests at SeaWorld than ever before as more and more people are realizing how incomparable SeaWorld is to the natural orca environment.

The movie highlights the different orca attacks on humans at SeaWorld. They show footage of different attacks and incidents and then explain to the viewers why these attacks probably occur. They show SeaWorld employees giving false information to visitors and giving the whales drugs that they would never need in the wild, and it also shows them separating baby orcas from their mothers. The film explains how nothing at SeaWorld would ever happen in the wild orca habitat.

Despite SeaWorld’s attempt to restore their name, nothing seems to be working. SeaWorld has been emphasizing their research and rescue work with other animals to show that they "care" about the animals. They even have announced a plan to expand the orca habitats to something that is just a slightly larger jail cell for them. There is even a bill in California that is going through the voting process that would force SeaWorld to release their orcas to a sea pen and no longer allow them to keep orcas captive. It is easy to see how wrong SeaWorld is and how kidnapping whales and separating pods is something that should be unthinkable, but some people are still unaware of SeaWorld treatment.

It is amazing to see the difference that Blackfish has made thus far in people’s opinions about SeaWorld. This is just the beginning of the backlash, however, and SeaWorld can only keep going down. It is important that people continue to spread the truth about Seaworld to others so that this “Blackfish” effect can keep happening. If you haven’t seen the film yet but want to watch it or pass it along to friends to spread awareness, you can now watch Blackfish on Netflix, so hop on it!