The ABC's of Oregon State University


We all love Oregon State, but what makes it more special than just any other college? Read on to find out through the ABC's of OSU!

Austin Hall

Austin Hall opened in September 2014 and is home to the college of business. The building has “hidden” study areas on the second and fourth floors behind the staircases. It is a beautiful building and offers even prettier views!

Benny the Beaver

Benny the Beaver is the official mascot of Oregon State University! Benny officially became the school’s mascot in 1952, but can be traced back to the 1940s. Benny can be seen around campus and at most sporting events getting the fans and team pumped up.


Commencement is a time to celebrate all of the graduating seniors! It doesn’t matter if it took 3, 4, 5, 6 or even more years to graduate; YOU DID IT! Commencement is held at Reser Stadium rain or shine. It is a pretty long ceremony, but rewarding to get your degree at the end!

Dixon Recreation Center

Dixon Rec is one of the main social spots on campus. The building offers multiple cardio and weight rooms, gyms, courts for different sports, multi-purpose rooms, a climbing wall, an indoor track, a pool, hot tub, volleyball courts, and so much more!

Elite Dance Team at Oregon State

The Elite Dance Team is a student-run organization founded in 2005. This dance team is perfect for college students and dancers who love to dance but are still committed to academic success. The team performs at different events around campus throughout the year!

Fight Song

The Oregon State University Fight Song is “Hail To Old OSU." The song was written in 1914 and is one of the most played songs at sporting events. The tradition of singing the fight song after football games was started by Coach Gary Andersen in 2015.

Gill Coliseum

Gill Coliseum is the home of men’s and women’s basketball, gymnastics, wrestling, and volleyball! The Coliseum can hold crowds of 9,000+ people and spands more than an acre!

Her Campus at Oregon State

Her Campus is written entirely by the world’s top college journalists! Her Campus at Oregon State was started in 2014 by EIC Lara von Linsowe-Wilson, and we're proud to be a Silver Level Chapter! You can find the staff at different campus events and publishing new content weekly. Make sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

International Living-Learning Center

The International Living-Center, or ILLC for short, was opened in 2011 and houses around 300+ residents, both domestic and international. The ILLC also houses classrooms, an auditorium, Cascadia Market and Peet’s Coffee!

Java Stop

Java Stop is located on the first floor of the Memorial Union! They have a variety of treats, coffee and tea. The also have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options!


KidSpirit is fun for both the kids and staff! The staff members are able to teach and learn life lessons which help them enter the workforce later. The kids have fun building skills, growing confidence, and making friends along the way!

Linus Pauling Science Center



The Linus Pauling Science Center is not only pretty, but houses adjoining laboratories that run from east to west. LPSC is named after Linus Pauling who was a chemist, peace activist, author and educator from Oregon State University. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in chemistry for is scientific work.

Marching Band

The Spirit and Sound of OSU is the oldest Marching Band in the Pac-12. The band is made up of roughly 250 students and staff, which include 3 drum majors, the drumline, and color guard. You can find them at football games or in small pep bands at other sporting events! Look for them in 2016, where they will be celebrating their 125th anniversary!

North Porch Cafe

North Porch is a delicious cafe located in the Memorial Union. Their food has an Asian fusion theme. They offer rice bowls, Banh Mi sandwiches and Thai iced tea (which is the best).

O.H Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory

The O.H. Wave Research Laboratory provides research and testing mechanisms for students, and is the largest nearshore experimental facility at an academic institution in the U.S.! If you ever get a chance, take a tour. It is completely worth it!


Prism is a magazine published tri-annually and that is completely student-lead. The submissions range from short stories, graphic design, print, sculpture, photography and more. You can find the latest issue of Prism around campus!


Do you ever get emails asking you to take surveys? Qualtrics is the web-based survey system that allows students and staff to email you. If you’re interested in learning more click the link above!

Reser Stadium

Reser Stadium is home to the OSU football team! The Stadium is located on the South side of campus making it super easy for students to attend games. The Stadium has gone through many updates and it’s current capacity is 45,000+ people!


SafeRide is a service that provides an alternative ride home. SafeRide operates between the hours of 6pm and 2:30am seven days a week, with exception to U.S. Holidays and campus breaks. SafeRide gets fairly busy and the wait can get kind of long, but that being said it is a great way to get home without walking in the dark by yourself. Stay safe Beavs, and call SafeRide if you ever need to -- free of judgement. (541)737-5000.

Trysting Tree

The Trysting Tree, A Gray Poplar, is located near Benton Hall. The Gray Poplar received the nickname “Trysting Tree” when then President Thomas Gatch reprimanded two students who regularly met there for romantic purposes. The current tree was planted in 1982 from cuttings of the original tree that dated back to the 1880s.

University Ombuds Office

The OSU campus offers so many services that many people do not know of. One of those services is the University Ombuds Office. The University Ombuds offices promotes the community by providing informal, impartial and confidential* conflict management services.

*Confidentiality cannot be promised in matters relating to threats to public safety, child abuse, if there is imminent risk of serious harm, or if compelled by a court of law.

Valley Library

Photo Credit: Kara Beu

The Valley Library sits at the heart of the Oregon State campus! Valley Library is the perfect place to study and grab a snack, with the cafe located on the first floor! The library is open to students, staff and people in the Corvallis Community! The best part of the library is that it is open 24/5 for all those late night study sessions!

Weatherford Hall

Weatherford Hall is one of the most recognized buildings on the Oregon State campus, and most don’t know that it is a residence hall! Inside you can grab a snack from Bings and lounge on benches located around the building.

Xpress Stop

Xpress Stop is a mailing, printing, and design service located on the OSU campus. Located in the Memorial Union, Xpress Stop offers a variety of services right on campus. Studying abroad and need a passport photo? Xpress Stop has you covered!


John Young, OSU alum, joined Hewlett-Packard, HP, in 1958. After years of dedication with the company Young became CEO. HP has a location in Corvallis, OR and many students are offered internships with the company each year.


The Zoology major at Oregon State offers futures in animal care, field work agency work and even museum curration! Even though the students who chose this major love Zoology, that doesn’t mean they will just become vets; the major offers so many other career opportunities as well!


The alphabet only has so many letters, so we couldn't possibly share all of the reasons we love OSU! What are some of your faves? Let us know in the comments below!