7 Drake Cakes to Help the Graduation Blues

You may be pretty excited about finally graduating: the studying, reading, group projects, and stress is finally about to pay off. You’ll be getting your diploma and heading off into the real world after four crazy years. But isn’t that departure just a little bit bittersweet? Aren’t you reminiscing about all the parties, the movie nights, the football games, and good times? If so, you might be feeling the Graduation Blues and has Drake got the cure for you. New Orleans-based professional baker Joy Wilson of Joy the Baker now has an Instagram account, Drake on Cake,  that has some inspiring lyrics to help you out.


1. For when you’re thinking about your legacy.


2. For when you’re taking the summer off to travel.


3. For when you land an interview for your dream job after graduation.


4. For when your best friend announces her engagement.


5. For when you don’t want to part with all your friends.


6. For when you’re dreaming about your future.


7. For that moment when you realize it’s all going to work out.


Here’s to you Class of 2016!