13 Signs You're Not Yet Ready to Graduate

You can’t quite believe it but it’s almost time to walk across that stage and proudly wave that expensive piece of paper in the air. That’s right it’s time for graduation. Terrifying as that may sound for all of you class of 2017 graduates. It's ok though. In the famous words of HSM, "We’re all in this together!" 

1. You’re procrastinating now more than ever.

2. You still haven’t decorated your cap.

3. You haven’t been applying for jobs.

4. You’re still partying like a freshman (or at least trying to).

5. You haven’t taken senior pictures yet.

6. You still can’t believe you won’t be coming back next term.

7. You consider adding a minor just to stay around another term or two.

8. It’s finals week and you still haven’t bought any of your required textbooks.

9. You’ve accepted the fact that you’ll be moving back in with your parents.

10. You hit up the career center for the 2nd time in your college career.

11. You keep saying that everything you do is for the last time and crying.

12. You keep thinking about all the things you regret not doing. Like kissing that boy or studying abroad. Too late now.

13. You’re really going to miss this place and all the people that made your college experience great.

Good luck Class of 2017!