10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Under $10

So Valentine’s Day is right around the corner but you still haven’t had the chance to shop yet. Never fear! We’ve got a list of 10 Valentine's Day gifts under $10 you can make or buy for your romantic partner, best friend, roommate, or family member. Love isn’t just for lovers, it’s for anyone who you enjoy spending time with but you don’t need to go for broke showing them you care!


1. Sephora Lotus Face Mask ($6)

For your best friend who’s juggling a job, multiple leadership positions, an internship, and a busy social life. She’ll love this chance to sit back and relax if only for a couple of hours. Not to mention how great her skin will look afterwards.


2. This chic Topshop skinny scarf ($6)

This scarf is perfect for your girlfriend or even just your fashionable friend for a night out or just to show off her style walking to class. It’s simple and chic, in a color that’s always on trend around Valentine’s Day.


3. Make them a mixtape (free unless you don’t have tapes)  


Mixtapes (or mix cds or even a shareable playlist) are the perfect gift for anyone on your list for Valentine’s Day. They can be songs for a girl’s night out, songs for a romantic night in, or even songs for celebrating being a single lady. Your mixtape can have as many or as few songs as you’d like depending on what type of story you want to tell but either way they’ll always think of you when they play it.


4. Make them a message in a bottle ($5 if you add a fancy ribbon)


All you need for this gift are things you probably already have lying around the house: clear wine bottles, a message printed or written on paper, recently used coffee grounds, a water bottle set to mist, a lighter, and an oven. So most likely you may not even spend a dime on this gift, but why not add some fancy ribbon or splurge for the singing card?


5. Go on a roadtrip together ($10 not including gas)


Now depending on how much you spend on gas this one may be more than $10 but you can stay relatively close to this budget by packing your own snacks or even a picnic dinner and thinking about destinations nearby you’d like to visit. A great place to start is checking out all the covered bridges in Corvallis and the beautiful views they offer. Another idea is checking out Portlandia or the Grimm filming locations nearby to satisfy your inner fangirl.


6. These Sugarfina gummy candies ($9)


These candies are great because they could work for anyone on your list. Who doesn’t love some sugary sweet goodness?


7. These peach emoji socks ($8)


These socks could work well as a galentine’s brunch gag gift or even for your friends with benefits just for being cute. It’s up to you!


8. This wine glass that can hold an entire bottle of wine ($10)


Perfect for your friend who hates to stop to refill her glass or your binge watching friend who’s obsessed with The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I can pretty much guarantee you need a full bottle of wine to watch that show week after week.


9. This take out serving bowl ($8)

This gift is perfect for the couple that has a standing weekly takeout date night in. You can put snacks in it, leftover sauce from your takeout, or even all your Valentine’s Day chocolates (if you can wait a day you can even get them on sale).


10. Compliment postcards ($10)


If you have lots of long distance friends, family, or a long distance significant other these are the perfect gift. All you need are some stamps and they can easily be on their way with some sweet words straight from your heart.

What are some of your favorite cheap Valentines Day gifts? Let us know in the comments?