10 Tips for The Ultimate Spring Break Staycation

You’ve got plenty of tests, papers, and projects standing between you and spring break, much to your chagrin. That said, you’re not even sure you can get out of town this year. Whether it’s due to money woes or you just want to take some time to relax at home we’ve got tips for you to have the ultimate staycation.


1. Get your comfy clothes ready.


Whether it’s sweat-pants, your favorite pair of leggings, or your partner’s ginormous sweatshirt you’ve got to grab those comfy clothes for your staycation to truly begin.


2. Treat yourself to a fancy dinner.

During the term you probably tend to eat fast food, dining room foods, or make quick items like spaghetti, sandwiches, or salads. Your staycation is the time to try out that fancy dish you’ve had tucked away or even find something fun by checking out a recipe book at the Valley Library or the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library. Now is the time to really enjoy what you’re eating instead of just feeling like you’re inhaling it.


3. Read a new book.

Whether you’ve been wanting to read a book before it comes a movie or you’re hoping to start and finish a book over the break there is a book out there for everyone. The Book Bin, Valley Library, and the Corvallis Benton-County Public Library are great places to start on your search locally.


4. Test out a hobby.


You’re sitting here thinking isn’t my weekend drinking or drawing in class a hobby? Well for a college student sure but why not try knitting, embroidery, or even grab a creative coloring book.


5. Take a long awaited nap.


Just taking a nap seems like the simplest thing you can do but you can add an eye mask, heating pad, or comfy pillow to take your power napping up a notch.


6. Limit your screen time.


It’s tempting being at home to grab your phone or stare at the screen for hours on end but I challenge you to treat your staycation as a true vacation and take time to relax. This means giving your eyes a break and doing things you wouldn’t normally do during an average week.


7. Get outside!


Whether you walk around your block, check out the Wednesday farmer’s market, or go on a morning hike Corvallis has a lot of options to get some fresh air.


8. Be a tourist in your own town.


Vacation is all about being that tacky tourist in town so check out that restaurant you’ve been unsure about, join a walking tour, explore the part of town you never get to, or create an agenda for your day. However you want to do it just have fun!


9. Go out to the movies.


Take advantage of matinee specials and student discounts while you’re on break to get the most bang for your buck and finally see that movie all your friends have been talking about.


10. Build yourself a fort.


Grab some blankets, chairs, christmas lights, comfy essentials and bundle up!


What are your spring break plans?