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10 Reasons To Watch The Series of Unfortunate Events

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OR State chapter.

If you’re like me then you’ve been waiting a long time for a TV series adaptation of The Series of Unfortunate Events. The 2004 movie left you wanting more of the dark humor you loved in the book series growing up. Barry Sonnenfeld who was set to direct the 2004 movie was originally fired from the project and left along with Lemony Snicket himself (Snicket being a pseudonym for Daniel Handler of course) but both are excited to take on the Netflix series. Netflix bought the rights to the books and since then there has been lots of buzz about their 1st season and all of the unanswered questions it has brought up. Here are just a few of the reasons I think you should believe the hype and watch SOUE if you haven’t already.


1. Count Olaf’s disguises


Let’s be real all of these costumes are pure gold. Angus Strathie, the costume designer for the series provides a refreshing reversal of Colleen Atwood’s dark and gloomy costumes that showcases bright colors in the darkest of settings. The contrast keeps us on our toes in a way that just makes sense and seems more realistic for both the children’s characters and the notorious Count Olaf.


2. The catchy theme song


It’s been a few days since I finished the series myself and I still have the words “Look away” playing on loop in my head. Needless to say I did not heed the warning no matter how many times it was said.

3. The cluelessness of adults


Mr. and Mrs. Poe, Uncle Monty, Aunt Josephine, and Justice Strauss are just the beginning of a long list of clueless adults we already know but despite knowing the story I still found myself shaking my head vigorously during every single episode.


4. Lemony Snicket’s monologues


Patrick Warburton is the perfect fit for an overly dramatic Lemony Snicket. He lurks in rooms inches away from the Baudelaires and lets us know whenever a happy moment is not exactly as it seems.


5. The new characters


The great thing about the revival of SOUE is not just the fact that the characters you know and love are being brought to life but also the fact that new characters have been added to the mix. Jacquelyn, the mysterious banker’s assistant and likely spy is just one of the curious characters we meet along the way that we can only hope will provide us with more clarity than the books did. If nothing else they may raise more new and interesting questions which could be just as intriguing.


6. The literary references


This Proust quote is just the beginning of all the literary references these intelligent kids know of and they seem to give them hope and guidance along the way. As an avid bookworm myself (who unfortunately doesn’t have a lot of time to read right now) I think a lot of people can identify with their love of books.


7. Neal Patrick Harris. Nuff’ said.


Now there have been many a comparison between NPH’s role as Count Olaf as compared to Jim Carrey’s 2004 portrayal but I have to say I definitely think NPH has brought more to the role than Carrey did. That said, who knows what may have been if the movie series had been continued. That said NPH brings his amazing acting and singing skills to this role and I think this world is better for it.


8. Everything about the anxious clown restaurant


It’s been awhile since I have read the books but I didn’t immediately remember this restaurant. Then when I looked it up online and saw all of the whimsical drawings I remembered why settings like these make the series so much better. So many of the settings that could be seen as idyllic in some lights have dark underbellies hiding not far from the surface. These moments of contrast are exactly what the series is all about. Life isn’t just black and white.


9. The twists you don’t expect


I won’t reveal any spoilers but there are lots of twists within the Netflix series that I had either forgotten about from the books or that are completely new. I’m thankful that the series was able to achieve this without completely changing the story we all know and love.


10. The fact that the series you loved as a kid has been brought to life yet again


I still have all of the books at home on my bookshelf and have grand plans to re-read them. These books were to me what Harry Potter books were to many children and young adults. They were dark, devious, and sarcastic all at once. The scariest part about them for me was that they are rooted in reality as well. I’m convinced they are the reason I first started watching crime shows too. The intentions and motives of humans are just as intriguing if not more so than any evil monster will ever be.

What’s your favorite part in SOUE Season 1?

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