10 Essentials for the Nasty Woman

With thousands of #NastyWomen taking to the streets today, we thought it would be appropriate to make a list of essentials for all of your nasty woman needs. Here's to making 2017 our year. 

"Know what? Bitches get stuff done." -Tina Fey 

1. Nasty Woman Shirt

How else would we start this list off? This shirt looks cute in any wardrobe, so no excuses. 


2. Nasty Woman Brooch

If your pantsuit doesn’t get the message across already, add a nice brooch to make sure they really know.


3. Smashing the Patriarchy Tank

The Her Campus Shop has a great collection of empowering accessories, including this sweet tank. 


4. Be Powerful Phone Case

This cute illustration by Camila Rosa looks great on a phone case. We could all use a little encouragement while scrolling through the twitter feeds. 


5. Empowered Women Art Print

Decorate your personal space with some encouraging words. Want to support more female artists? Check out Women Who Draw to find female artists that fit your style.


6. Audre Lorde Sticker  

This sticker would make the perfect addition to your laptop, car, or water bottle. Who doesn't want a little more Audre Lorde in their life? 


7. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Journal

More like Ruth BAEder Ginsburg, am I right? Use this notebook with the Notorius R.B.G. in all her glory to help you be a #nastywomangettingshitdone.


8. Nasty Woman Necklace

If “loud and proud” isn’t your style, no problem! These minimalist necklaces are such a cute and simple way to make a statement.


9. Pussy Grabs Back Mug

*casually sips morning coffee*


10. Self Care Kit

Because taking time for yourself is important when fighting back. 


You are beautiful and nasty, Women of Beaver Nation. Take care of yourself this year.