10 Creative Uses for Your Leftover Halloween Candy

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Not sure what to do with all your leftover Halloween candy? Still left with bags upon bags of chocolates and sweets? If so, you may want to check out these recipes for some fun ways to use up that candy instead of simply unwrapping and consuming it!

1. Cookie Candy Pizza

If you’re looking for a fun dessert for you and your roommates to enjoy after a spectacular Halloweekend try out this yummy staple! All you need is some cookie dough, gummy worms, candy corn, chocolate chips, M&Ms and whatever other candy your heart may desire.

2. Halloween Puppy Chow

If you’re looking for the perfect snack to refuel on during the short breaks in between your classes, be sure to make a large batch of these and mix in your favorite kinds of candy for a sugary and sweet trail mix.

3. Reese Pieces Popcorn Balls

If you’re in need a fun snack before your second round of midterms (or just to eat while you watch another horror movie on Netflix), try out this fun snack. You probably already have popcorn and candy on hand - so you’re already halfway there!

4. Reese’s Pieces Roll-Ups

All you need for this recipe is one can of crescent rolls and your favorite chocolate candy pieces! Put them all together and you’ll have the perfect breakfast snack for when you’re running out the door and cereal and coffee just isn’t going to cut it.

5. Milk Dud Nutella Cookies

If you happen to love Milk Duds and Nutella, these are the perfect cookies for you. They are extra gooey, extra chocolaty, and extra yummy!

6. M&M Oatmeal Bars

If you’re the average college student, you’re more than likely to have some pancake mix or M&M’s on hand that you’re not quite sure what to do with, and this is your chance to use them. If you need that perfect something to eat with your lunch in the MU or at your favorite dining hall, try this recipe out!

7. Twix Banana Bread

This recipe is a unique twist out of something from your mom’s cookbook, and it allows you to use up not only some of your leftover or browned bananas but also all the Twix and other chocolaty candy bars that you still have and desperately want to use.

8. Candy Bar Brownies

If you have a lot of chocolaty candy bars on hand and have a sweet tooth for brownies, check this recipe out! Added bonus: if you don’t eat them all you can give some out to your friends, sports team, club, family members and even sorority sisters at a chapter meeting for a surprise treat.

9. Candylicious cookies

Still sad about Halloween being over? If so, these cookies may be perfect for you! They have all your leftover Halloween candy packed into balls of dough that will help you reminisce about all of the fun times you had carving pumpkins, checking out haunted houses, running through spooky corn mazes and having fun here on campus.

10. Snickers Salad

Have some extra apples and chocolate candy bars lying around your apartment? Be sure to try out this Snickers Salad recipe for the perfect light and fluffy treat you can serve your family and friends as a fun way to perk up your lazy Sunday evenings.

Although Halloween may have come and gone for the year, these fun recipes are a great way to keep your favorite holiday on deck! Start clearing out your candy cupboards now to make room for all of the holiday goodness coming your way over the next two months. Be sure to send us pictures from recipes you try out with friends!