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Winter Girls’ Night Ideas

It may be cold outside, but there’s still things you can do to have an amazing night with your girlfriends! Here’s some ideas to make the most out of cold nights with your friends.


Get half-off appetizers at Applebee’s.

Cheap food plus laughing with your friends basically guarantees a wholesome and fun night. After 9 p.m. on weekdays and 10 p.m. on weekends, Applebee’s appetizers drop down to half their price. Make a night out of chatting with your friends and enjoying food that won’t break the bank.

Go roller skating.

Build some heat racing your friends at Interskate 88 in Oneonta. This is a perfect activity to escape the cold weather and discover your skating skills with an old school vibe. Not to mention, Interskate 88 also offers laser tag. Who doesn’t love a little laser action?

Watch a movie.

Pile on the pillows and the blankets, pop some popcorn, and chill out watching a movie with your friends. Can’t decide which movie to watch? Choose one from the recent Oscar winners: https://oscar.go.com/winners.

Have a game night.

Whether Monopoly, UNO, or Cards Against Humanity is your thing, bring your friends together to get competitive over a game (or two, or three). You could even have each person bring one game that you can try! If you can’t get to them all, have another game night! Make it a tradition.

Throw a dip potluck.

Have each of your friends make their own dip and bring it to your girls’ night. You’ll be able to taste your friends’ creations and fill up on different flavors. Make sure no one brings the same thing! This is a great opportunity to have fun in the kitchen and share your finished product with the people you love.


 Who said winter had to be boring? Try out some of these girls’ nights ideas to bring some heat to your social life even though it’s freezing outside.

HCXO, Cierra

Cierra Orlyk

Oneonta '20

My name is Cierra and I'm a senior at SUNY Oneonta, majoring in Communication Studies. You can find me in my free time reading, discovering new music, and planning my next road trip.
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