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Will I Order Hello Fresh Again?

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My family recently received free vouchers for Hello Fresh. We ordered a few different recipes which were all really good. Each meal comes with instructions on how to make each meal and the cards are really nice for keeping the recipes because you will definitely want to make them again. However, I do have a few complaints about Hello Fresh.

When you order from Hello Fresh there is SO MUCH packaging. It literally makes my heart hurt how much of the storage is going to be thrown away. Then, multiply that by the amount of people ordering from Hello Fresh. That’s a lot of garbage. In addition, you still have to measure the ingredients. This is what they pride themselves upon, but YOU STILL HAVE TO MEASURE. So in this case, you might as well buy your own ingredients.

Okay so basically, Hello Fresh is awful for the planet and not as easy as they say it is. I like the recipe cards though but you can find those online. I wouldn’t recommend trying Hello Fresh or buying the boxes for full price. Even if you have a free voucher, avoid ordering because of the impact it could have on our planet.



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