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Why You Should Take Self Defense

1. It’s Practical

Remember in high school when your classmates (or maybe even you) would say, “When are we ever going to use this!?” This is not the case for self-defense. This is one of the few classes that can actually save your life if you are ever in a threatening situation. Self-defense is useful and should be a requirement for everyone!

2. Confidence    

There’s no greater feeling than once you get the hang of all the moves. In this class, you are prepared for just about any attack that might come your way, and how to escape from it.

3. You meet more people

This class is a wonderful way to meet people outside of your major. All different majors are eligible to take this class, which makes for a large variety of people with different interests than your own. For some of the techniques you will need a partner, which makes meeting people easier too!

4. Women Empowerment

Here at Oneonta, the self-defense course offered is specifically for women. Therefore, there is a large focus on women in self-defense and how we are able to protect ourselves in tricky situations.

5. It’s Fun!

Self-defense is such a nice way to break up the day filled with troublesome academics, and it only helps that it is a blast to take part in. You learn a ton of pertinent information while still kicking ass!

If you have room in your schedule, I would highly advise you to take self-defense at SUNY Oneonta!


Zerin Bay

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