Why Feminism Isn't a "Dirty Word"

Much of the time, feminists are betrayed as women who are “man haters” or the one’s that will get pissed if you try to assist them with their groceries arguing, “What? You don’t think a woman can take care of herself!?”. However this isn’t the case at all.


A feminist is defined as a person who believes in social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. Feminist aren’t just women, but anyone who stands for equal opportunities and rights. The purpose of feminism isn’t to suppress men and have women rise above them, instead it’s a word that unites people together to have a voice in these matters and to finally shed a light on the issues women still face today.


Here’s some quotes that helped put feminism into perspective and have allowed me to celebrate being a woman in a society that has tried to hush our voices and make us question our capabilities:




At the heart of feminism, its main focus is to continually seek ways to eradicate discrimination of women that occurs in all walks of life and to not suppress others while doing so. Finally, we’re standing together as a whole and with that our possibilities are endless.


These are all reasons why I’m proud to call myself a feminist today and why you should be too.