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In this day and age, it can be hard to remember all the little things that life has to offer. So many days are spent upset over things that seem so big, but are really so small. What exactly is happiness? Happiness is the big and little things; it should be simple as that.

Happiness is…

Waking up early enough to watch the sunrise.

Laughing so hard your face hurts.

Getting unexpected mail.

Being around those who brighten your mood. 

Taking time to watch the sunset. 

Going to a concert. 

Eating your favorite meal.

Seeing stars in a clear sky. 

To love and to be loved.

Putting brand new sheets on your bed.

Feeling welcomed. 

Seeing a puppy on the street.

Petting that puppy on the street.

Hearing your favorite song on the radio.

Tubing on a lake.

Trying new things.

Having sleepovers with your best friends. 

Getting butterflies.

Enjoying a back scratch.

Having a clean room.

Taking a nice, long bubble bath. 

Receiving flowers.

Wearing a new outfit.

Feeling sand in your toes.

Being independent. 

Watching TV shows or movies from when you were a kid.

Jumping on hotel beds.

Walking out of your last final.

A good conversation. 

Finding money in your pockets.

Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours to sleep.

Walking through the door and smelling your favorite food.

Taking a long walk.

Watching someone’s eyes light up when they talk about something they love.

Hearing someone say “I am proud of you.”

So the next time you’re feeling down, remember all that there is to smile about.

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