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The Challenge 

The Challenge has been on MTV for 31 seasons. It is a competitive show where members compete in different physical & mental challenges for a cash prize. Most cast members have been on multiple seasons & each season comes with a unique twist. The ultimate point of the show is the challenge for the money, but the show also includes a lot of drama, hookups, & alcohol which keeps it entertaining.


Survivor has been on CBS for 36 seasons & is hosted by Jeff Probst. This show takes a group of approximately 20 strangers to an island to compete for the title of “sole survivor” & $1 million. The players have to build a shelter, hunt for food, & make fire to stay alive & healthy. While being stranded on an island for about 40 days, players compete in a variety of challenges; loss results in a visit to Tribal Council where players vote each other out. This continues until there are only two or 3 players left, & then players who have been voted out vote to decide who deserves the title of “sole survivor”.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Keeping Up With the Kardashians has been on E! Network for fourteen seasons. This reality show follows the lives of the famous Kardashian family. The show captures important moments from their family life such as births of children, weddings, clothing line premiers, and more. It also captures their struggles such as pregnancy difficulties, backlash from the media, & family drama. This show is so entertaining to watch because you get to find out more about one fo the most famous families in the United States. 

America’s Next Top Model

ANTM has been playing for 24 cycles. Each cycle Tyra Banks & her team choose contestants to compete for the title of “America’s Next Top Model”. Aspiring models participate in a variety of different modeling tasks & photo shoots being judged by Banks & her panel each week. Models who do not meet the standards of Banks & her panel, are sent home, until there is one winner. The winner typically gets to be on a cover of a magazine & receive a modeling contract with a respectable agency, along with additional prizes.

Jersey Shore 

Jersey Shore ran for six seasons on MTV, but sadly ended in 2012. Eight housemates met for the first time to spend a summer at the Jersey shore. Cast members became friends, lovers, & family throughout their journey together. The show included a lot of drinking, tanning, drama, & was one of the most entertaining reality shows ever made. Although this show has ended, it is still such a good show to binge watch if you haven’t seen it, or want to watch it again! Fans were devastated when the show came to an end in 2012, but the show is supposed to come back in April 2018 for a “Family Vacation” reunion season.

I hope you enjoyed these favorites!





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