The Top 5 Rides in Universal Studios Orlando

1. Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey

For Harry Potter fans, this is by far the best ride. During this ride, you sit in a cart with four other people. The cart takes you around the castle, as you watch Harry & Hermione take you on a journey. The ride makes you feel as though you are flying on a broomstick with them. The cart moves you in different directions, & special effects produces fire & sprays water to make the attraction come to life. 

2. The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman

This ride is great for people of all ages. Like the Harry Potter ride, Spiderman is a motion simulator ride. This attraction also takes you around multiple 3D screens in a cart. However, this ride is a little less intense than Harry Potter, but is just as fun! 

3. Revenge of the Mummy 

Revenge of the Mummy is a high speed indoor roller coaster! It makes sudden drops & turns & reaches speeds up to 45 mph! It is almost pitch black while you're riding, so you don't know where the next drop will be. If you love coasters, this is definitely one you'll want to ride again & again.

4. Rip, Ride, & Rockit Roller Coaster 


The Rip, Ride, & Rockit Roller Coaster is a high speed coasted in Universal Orlando. The initial drop is 67 feet high & reaches speeds up to 65 mph! The cool thing about this ride is that there is a speaker on the back of every riders chair & screen in which you can pick what song you want to listen to while riding! 

5. Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls 

This is definitely one of the best water rides I've been on. This is a four person ride, in which you sit in a log shaped cart. The log takes you around the inside of the house (as seen above) & ends with a huge drop, leaving you soaked! The drop is 75 feet high, making it one of the biggest water ride drops in the world!

If you haven't been to Universal Studios, it is definitely a place you should check out it has rides for all ages, from little kids to grown adults. Don't forget to get some Butterbeer at Harry Potter World too!