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Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Away to College

1. Its hard. 

Obviously, going into it, I knew college was going to be harder than high school, but I really wasn’t prepared for just HOW difficult it was going to be.

2. It’s okay to be homesick, & it’s okay to go home for a weekend.

3. You will see your best friends/boyfriend/girlfriend again. Those tearful goodbyes will seem so silly when you’re all reunited again in six weeks.

4. Never underestimate the importance of your mom’s cooking.

5. College is meant to be fun, but you’re here to learn, not party 24/7.

6. Not everyone was raised the same way you were.

This can be both a positive & a negative; you will have your eyes opened to so many new perspectives, but sometimes it can be a little difficult trying to understand someone who wasn’t brought up the same the same way you were.

7. Naps are so important.

8. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

9. Sometimes you have to fail first before you can succeed, and although no one wants to hear that (or go through it), sometimes you have to learn the hard way to learn at all.

10. You only have four years, make the most of it. 


Emily Barry

Oneonta '19

Hey everyone! My name is Emily Barry and I am currently a senior at SUNY Oneonta! I am a biochemistry student and when I'm not drowning in assignments, I like to read, spend time with friends and family, and binge watch shows on Netflix! Keep up with my articles or follow me on Instagram/Twitter (@emilyrose0328) to get a glimpse at what's going on with me!
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