The Stages of Getting Ready: Halloweekend Edition

It’s that time of year again; trying to coordinate Halloween costumes while making sure to meet your daily PSL quota can be a mess, but it always seems to go a little something like this:

Throwing out costume ideas to your friends:

When that one friend suggests something completely out there:

Finally agreeing on something:

When your idea gets picked:

Shopping for your costume:

Trying to get the PERFECT hair and makeup:

Finally, after weeks of preparing, being ready:

Showing up (& killing it) with your friends:

When you have to explain your costume to EVERYONE:

When your prof schedules an exam for the Monday after Halloweekend:

When you find glitter on the floor...6 months later:

Hopefully this gave you some laughs as we finish all those {last-minute} Halloweekend preparations!