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Spring Cleaning for Students

Although it might not feel like it, the spring is surely here! As a student, it is easy to get overwhelmed at this point in the semester. It seems as if all of your assignments are due at the same time & your backpack now weighs about 100 pounds. Your notebooks & folders are overflowing & your planner is completely disorganized. Spring is here & it is the perfect time to get your spring cleaning on! 

Here are a few tips to get rid of clutter so you can finish off the semester strong! 

1. Go through your planner & highlight anything you have already accomplished. By doing this simple (somewhat tedious) task you will better see what you have already finished & what needs to be done. This helps you visualize what is left & organize your planner for upcoming tasks!

2. Open up your folders & notebooks & decide what is important. The overabundance of papers is what is making your backpack so heavy! Flip through your notebook & if the material has already been covered on an exam, take those pages out & put them in a folder for future reference. This will lighten your load a bunch!

3. Clean your room! As basic as that might sound, it’s easy to start throwing your clothes everywhere because you’re too busy completing other tasks. Take some time out of your busy schedule to put on your favorite music & clean your room!

4. Lastly, clean out your backpack! If you’re anything like me, you have 800 pens, pencils, highlighters, & Sharpies thrown in there. Let’s not forget about some empty gum & candy wrappers that you shoved in there while in a rush! Just take five minutes to minimize your pencil case so you only have the necessities. Also, throw in a new pack of gum because all you have left is wrappers!

By doing these simple tasks you are sure to feel much better! They are the perfect way to participate in spring cleaning & not even realize you are doing so. I’m not saying you have to complete all of these in one day. By doing one here & there, you will be able to take time out of your busy schedule & relax while being productive at the same time.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

HCXO, Meghan 

Hi my name is Meghan Eberlein and I'm a senior at Oneonta! I am a fashion marketing major with a minor in women and gender studies. I love traveling, polaroids and ice cream! Feel free to follow me on instagram @meghan_ebe :)
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