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Simple Ways to Show Roomie Appreciation

If you’re like me, your roommate is one of your good, if not best, friends. They’re the person you trust to log into your laptop and send you an assignment when you’re across campus since you forgot to print it out after your late night at the library. They’re the person who puts up with your messy side of the room after a long week, when your clothes, shoes, and belongings are scattered all over the place. They’re the person who you eat many meals with. They’re the person who listens to you rant about your long day. They’re your shoulder to cry on (literally) and your go-to for advice about anything, ever. Bottom line: they do a lot for you (every. single. day.) without ever complaining!

Although a simple “thank you” goes a long way, actions do speak louder than words. Every once in a while, go the extra mile for your go-to girl just to show her how thankful you are for all she does for you. Here are simple ways to do just that:


Leave them a note.

Whether it’s a sticky note on her desk or a note in their car, leave it somewhere you know she’ll find it. A simple “thanks for helping me yesterday” or “you rock” will leave her with a smile on her face.


Treat them to their ~favorite~ coffee order…

…or any order for that matter! Does she love a Dunkin iced coffee or a Starbucks passion tea lemonade? Bring one home to her or surprise her with it when you know you’ll see her on campus in between her 3 hours of classes.


Tidy up the room.

Cleaning up the space you share makes things a little less hectic, especially if they’re already having a busy week.


Print out your favorite picture of the two of you.

Bonus points if you leave it in a cute frame!


Leave her favorite ice cream in the freezer.

Put a sticky note on it that says “Eat Me” to up the cuteness factor.



My name is Symantha and I'm from Poughkeepsie, NY! I'm a senior at SUNY Oneonta studying biology with a concentration in pre-occupational therapy. I love to DIY and I'm addicted to two of the finer things in life, coffee & chocolate. 
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