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Signs You’re an Upperclassmen at Oneonta

To all my fellow Junior and Senior Red Dragons: I hate to say it, but we’re now considered old. Within the last 3-4 years spent as an Oneonta student, the town and the campus have become more of a second home to us. With the help of our HC Oneonta audience, we came up with a bunch of signs that prove you’re an upperclassmen at Oneonta! 

You know your way around campus.

You will always refer to Red’s Ale House (R House) as Legends.

Your favorite night of the week will always be Mug Night.

You still mourn the loss of Choice Ultra Lounge. Especially country night.

Can’t forget Gallagher’s. 

You live off-campus.

You get tickets on campus too often because you have a car with nowhere to park.

​You can’t rely on dining hall food anymore.

Majority of your classes are in the same building.

You’ve come to terms with the fact that you might as well move into one of the study rooms at the library.

You look up where your classes are held on the way to those classes.

You don’t care all that much about your appearance.

You roll out of bed 15 minutes (or less) before class each day.

You know and miss the Long Island Rancher from Yellow Deli.

When you walk through campus you’re constantly asking yourself, “who are these people?”

If you’re 21, you spend most of your time at the Red Jug.

If you’re under 21, you spend most of your time trying to get into the Red Jug.

You have a love/hate relationship with Jimmy T’s.

You’ve worn sweatpants to a party or the bars. 

You wait until two weeks into classes to see if you need the textbooks.

You hear “this isn’t going to be in easy class” in almost every 100 level course.

You start to appreciate home in a different way than you previously might have.

You realize how important it is to cherish every moment because time flies.

You’re constantly in denial.

Once a Red Dragon, always a Red Dragon.

Hey everyone! My name is Callan Fridgen, and I'm a junior at Oneonta State studying Communications with a minor in Public Relations. Find me on Instagram @callanfridgen 
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