She's The First #Bakeachange


She's the First is an organization that aids girls education around the world. Their goal is to create a world where girls are able to choose their path and make a life for themselves, especially in places where it is uncommon for them to do so. In some cases, girls are denied education and told they have to do chores and marry right away.


On Friday, September 27th we partnered with She's the First to raise money and be a part of the change they are working towards.


We held a tie-dye cupcake fundraiser to be able to donate money to them and do our part in making a difference. In the process of raising money we were able to spread awareness about the organization and the work that they are doing. Being able to do this and contribute to the cause is something that we are proud of and we are looking foward to doing more things like this in the future!