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An Open Letter to My First Roommate

To my first college roommate,

Thank you for teaching me how to live with someone. Even though you left after your first semester at Oneonta, the four months that we spent together will never leave my memory. I met you through Facebook and after months of talking, I finally visited you and we instantly became inseparable.

Fast forward to move in day: we were so excited to be living together after talking about it for five or six months. The first few weeks of us living together were so much fun, until you started to become really homesick. Most college students become homesick at times, myself included, but I could tell that going away to college wasn’t right for you. As much as it hurt to lose my first roommate and best friend, I knew that sitting you down and telling you that it is okay if you move back home was what was best for you.

As our first, and last, semester together came to a close, I said goodbye to the person who helped me do my laundry on my own, who watched episodes of “The Office” with me for hours, who listened to me complain about my classes every single day, and who was always there for me through my first ever semester at college.

Even though it’s almost been a year since you left, I’m glad we still keep in touch and that you’re loving life at your new college that is closer to your family. Friends forever, roommates by choice.




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