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The New Edition To Oneonta’s Faculty: Professor Rahul Rastogi

I believe most of us would agree that it is seldom we find someone who changes the way we analyze the world around us. In particular, I am sure it is challenging for a professor to get his 20-something students to reflect on who they identify as.  This fall, SUNY Oneonta was granted the privilege of welcoming in Professor Rahul Rastogi to the Communication and Media Studies Department. Rahul’s Applied Interpersonal Communication course has already left an impression on my outlook of communicating with friends and family. After spending a few weeks in Rahul’s class I have found it imperative to share some facts about this awesome new addition to the Oneonta faculty. 


  • Katie: What should students call you when they meet you? 

       Rahul: They could call me professor, or even by my first name. I like being called by first name because it indicates familiarity. 


  • Katie: How many years have you been teaching? 

       Rahul: Interesting fact, all of my jobs have been teaching jobs, my entire life. I have taught elementary school kids, high school kids, and college students. I started teaching college    students in 2009. 


  • Katie: What is your focus of study? 

      Rahul: I study mainly intercultural communication, social change, and gender studies. 


  • Katie: Hometown? 

     Rahul: I am from a place called Lucknow, in India. 


  • Katie: Hobbies? 

    Rahul: I enjoy calligraphy, playing tennis, and cooking! 


  • Katie: What is your motivation for teaching? 

    Rahul: I want the students to be critical thinkers. I want them to see the world in new ways. 


  • Katie: Who has inspired you on your way to becoming a professor? 

     Rahul: My high school English teacher. 


  • Katie: Would you like to get involved on campus in other ways? 

    Rahul: I would love to work with students, in formal and even informal clubs. 


  • Katie: What is your favorite book? 

    Rahul: An epic novel titled, Ramayana. Its kind of religious, but I don’t look at it in a religious way. Its about an ideal social world. 


  • Katie: What is the best advice you could give to graduating students? 

    Rahul: Start early when you’re looking for jobs. Also, value yourself. Don’t think you’re a doormat. They need you as much as you need them. 


  • Katie: What has been one of your most memorable experiences as a teacher? 

   Rahul: I was teaching an intercultural communication class. Before I walked into the class, I was not thinking about what I HAD to teach, but what I WANTED to talk about. It was one of my best classes I’ve had. 


  • Katie: Favorite food? 

   Rahul: Anything my mom makes! 


  • Katie: Favorite color? 

    Rahul: Blue 


  • Katie: Where did you go to college? 

    Rahul: I got my master’s degree from The English and Foreign Language University. I received my PhD. From Purdue University.

Hey everyone my name is Katie! I am an upperclassmen at the State University of New York at Oneonta. I study Communication and psychology. I am from a city right outside of Albany, New York. At the moment I am involved in the Communication Honor Society, Lambda Pi Eta. I am also a part of the Communication Arts Society on campus. As you can tell I love everything dealing with communication and the study of the different ways people communicate. SUNY Oneonta has influenced my life in numerous ways and I cannot wait to share with you all, all things Oneonta!
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