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Need a Place to Buy Unique Jewelry?


White Hand Designs & BrielleBelle are two very well thought out and unique shops on Etsy. If you are looking for a gift for someone, or for a bracelet for your own collection, definitely make a stop here!

White Hand Designs $7.30

My personal favorite product from this shop is the “Amber Bracelet.” It is said to “carry a sunny energy. Amber cheer us those who wear them. Attracts good luck. Positive energy and protects its owner. This amber comes from the Baltic Sea.” We ALL have that friend that loves anything with a meaning or a mantra! Try it for a birthday gift for a friend, or maybe see if it really does “protect its owner” (ha ha).

BrielleBelle $12

I know you’ve seen Mantra Bracelets, and that you can personalize some of them. Sometimes these bracelets don’t necessarily have the antique and home-made vibe you’re looking for. This shop makes beautiful bracelets for a cheap cost and great quality. Give them a shot!HCXO,


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