My Experience with a Lush Shampoo Bar

I was scrolling through Facebook recently and came across a video about Lush. They have a new shampoo bar which eliminates the waste of a shampoo bottle. The video also said it is good for 90 washes which is more than three bottles of shampoo. I figured I would try it because why not? It’s a product which is cost effective, helps eliminate waste and smells great.
I have thick hair so I go through my fair share of bottles. I am not emotionally attached to any shampoo brand (like I am my conditioner) but, I admire Lush’s mission of no animal testing, all natural products, and their products always smells great (an added bonus).
I stepped into the store and was greeted by many options: Jason and the Argan Oil, Honey I Washed My Hair, Soak and Float, and many more. They all come with descriptions of what they do for your hair; detangle, nourish, add shine, or for people with sensitive skin. I chose Jason and the Argan Oil as my first bar because I liked the smell. It had a refreshing flower scent and it provided shine and moisture which is what my hair needs.
The only other thing you need is a tin to keep it in so that it stays in nice condition after use. They sell a square tin and a circle tin. I opted for the square tin so that the circular bar wouldn’t get stuck inside.
It was easy to use and there are two ways of applying it. The first is to lather it into your hand like a soap and then rub it into your scalp. The second way it to just apply the bar right onto your scalp and then suds it in. Be careful, because a little goes a long way!
1. Small and compact, great for packing and traveling
2. A little goes a long way
3. Gets very sudsy
4. Smells good
5. Same bar for 4 months
6. Price range from $10-$12  
1. Lost its shape in the summer heat of my un-airconditioned bathroom
2. My hair had to adjust to a new kind of shampoo and the first couple washes left my hair feeling stiff before I applied conditioned
Overall, it is now September and I have been using it for four months. I wash my hair every other day and I still have another month or so left in the bar. Before I left for school I purchased my backup bar. This time I chose Honey I Washed My Hair.
This product has defined the future for my bank account and my hair!