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Meet the Wildly Talented Dorian Lampl

Full Name: Dorian Lampl 

Major: Music industry major with an audio production minor 

Year: Senior 

Hometown: Stony brook, Long Island  

Fun Fact: “I have a twin brother who goes to UAlbany”

Favorite Band/Artist: Chainsmokers and Jon Bellion  


HC: “What is your favorite hobby?”

DL: “I taught myself how to cut hair, so I cut all my friends’ hair now.”

HC: “How long have you been singing for?”

DL: “Ever since I can remember but I got into it around 9th grade.”  

HC: “Who or what are your musical inspirations?”

DL: “Jon Bellion because he grew up in the town next to mine and I’ve spoken to him when I was 15, so seeing him make it in the industry is a huge inspiration and also motivation for me.”

HC: “Who is your biggest supporter?”

DL: “My closest friends!”

HC: “What do you love most about singing?”

DL: “I love being able to change people’s mood.”

HC: “Dorian and I have recently recorded a song together that is coming out this week, could you tell us about the song, and how it is to work in a studio?”

DL: “The song was originally written as some chords by my good friend Andrew Wooster who is also my producer. I went to his house to work on music and he immediately showed me that track. I started singing along random words in a melody that I came up with. He loved it and made me record it on his phone where we uploaded it into FL studio (the software used to produce our music). We then came up with a melody for the drop of the song and followed by that I wrote my verse to the song. Andrew thought the song would be cool with male and female vocals. That’s when he asked his girlfriend Sophia to join us so she wrote her verse. We then met up at the studio on campus and started recording and adding more ideas, such as background vocals and harmonization. I love working in the studio. If I don’t become a performer I will most likely try to find a job as an audio producer or songwriter because I love creating music.”

Check out the new song HERE, “Run Wild,” by Drewski Ft. Dorian Lampl and Sophia Pinciotto!

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about the talented Dorian Lampl! 

Sophia Pinciotto is a Junior at SUNY Oneonta studying Communications and minoring in public relations. Sophia was born and raised on Long Island and loves to workout, sing, and write!
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