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Anyone who goes here knows that there’s no place like Oneonta. Between townies, Tino’s, and everything in between, every SUNY Oneonta student can appreciate everything on the list.

1. Jimmy T’s: A night that ends at Jimmy’s is definitely an interesting story shared among friends around breakfast the next morning.

2. Tino’s and the Infamous Cold Cheese Pizza: Enough said. 

3. Mac Dogs: You never knew you needed it until you tried it, & now there’s no looking back. 

4. The Welcome Center: Still not sure why this was more important than parking??

5. Taking Pictures in Fitz: Only Oneonta students understand the necessity of taking a picture when you’re sitting in Fitz pretending to do homework.

6. Only going to the library because its newly renovated: I mean honestly, the new study spaces are pretty cool and the new Argo Tea has some awesome drinks on the menu; what more of a reason do you need to go?? 

7. Table Rock: Nothing says Oneonta like taking advantage of the warmest days to go on the Table Rock hike with your friends for the sheer purpose of taking basic pictures for your Instagram

8. Ramon: Free Domino’s…what more do you after a long night out??

9. St. Oney’s Day: Everyone’s favorite day of the year- the whole school comes together to celebrate a very important holiday

10. Black squirrel: Nothing seems to excite college students quite like the squirrels that can be found running around, playing, & searching for food. Even more exciting is when you find squirrel that is unlike any average squirrel; for Oneonta students that means finding the rare black squirrel.

11. Not enough parking: Nothing is as frustrating for commuters & residents alike than driving through every parking lot & not being able to find a single available space, no matter how early you get to campus, which again begs the question: why did we need the Welcome Center???

12. Ed from Wilsbach: We all still miss; thanks for always brightening our day.

13. Chicken nugget day!!: The only real reason anyone steps foot in Wils, honestly. 

Emily Barry

Oneonta '19

Hey everyone! My name is Emily Barry and I am currently a senior at SUNY Oneonta! I am a biochemistry student and when I'm not drowning in assignments, I like to read, spend time with friends and family, and binge watch shows on Netflix! Keep up with my articles or follow me on Instagram/Twitter (@emilyrose0328) to get a glimpse at what's going on with me!