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The Importance of the Green Toad Bookstore


            Nestled right next to Latte Lounge coffee house on Oneonta’s main street lies Green Toad Bookstore selling books, gift items, and accessories. The Green Toad Bookstore is a local business on Main Street that the Oneonta community should work to support and maintain.

            Over this past decade, there has been a noticeable decline in the amount of Bookstores in the United States. This is a consequence of the increase of digitalization of books, which can now be read on computers, smartphones, and devices such as Amazon’s Kindle E-readers. People no longer have to visit traditional bookstores; they can just simply go online and buy a digital copy of a desired book.

            But, traditional bookstores are establishments that actually benefit communities. They create a personalized and welcoming experience that can’t be expressed through an online store. According to the New York Times, Andy Weinberger of Readers’ Books in Sonoma California explained that “he knew more than half the people who entered the store every day. He also knows their literary tastes.”

            The Green Toad Bookstore mirrors this personalized and welcoming experience due to its knowledgeable and ready to help staff as well as it unique atmosphere. The walls are lined with books neatly organized by genre and there are beautiful window displays that give the store a comfy and nostalgic feel. Currently, one of the windows houses a winter themed display, consisting of white trees and white decorative lights. There are also tables displaying gifts and accessories strategically placed around the store. This includes jewelry, candles, notebooks, bags, bookmarks, posters, shirts, children’s toys, and more. In addition, the store is connected to the Latte Lounge, so customers have easy access to warm beverages and sweet treats.

            Throughout the year, the Green Toad plans events that are open to the Oneonta community. In the past, there have been events centered around local authors, poetry readings and other presentations. Events such as these strengthen the sense of community in the town and help to form a relationship between the college students and year-round Oneonta residents. The Green Toad encourages feedback and participation from customers, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

 “If you have an idea or your group wishes to meet in the bookstore, we welcome you” stated the official Green Toad website. Upcoming events include, the Green Toad hosting a SUNY Oneonta New Faculty Reception on November 17, and a Social Justice Book Club: Dear Word event on December 7. Make sure to check the online events calendar regularly for up to date information regarding times and dates.

Store hours include Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 7PM and Sundays 12PM to 5PM. For more information regarding the Green Toad Bookstore, please email jim@greentoadbookstore.com or visit greentoadbookstore.com. 


Michelle is a junior at SUNY Oneonta, studying Mass Communications.
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