How You Feel on Monday Mornings As Told by That 70’s Show

1. You wake up from your loud alarm that you haven’t had to hear in three days and continue to laugh at the fact that you actually have to go to class again and be a real person.

2. You have a quick thought that today is the day you’re going to get your life together, and maybe you’ll try to attempt to look presentable for class.


…Like that would ever happen.

3. Then you come to the reality that you will never achieve attractiveness on a Monday morning. You decide to keep your pajamas on, barely brush your hair, and hope nobody realizes what you look like.

4. Annnddd… you’re really hoping nobody judges you for what you may or may not have done this weekend.

5. If you possibly roll out of bed in a timely manner, you may head over to the dining hall. Yet, as always, they take way too long, and your Monday morning grumpiness is guaranteed to kick in.

6. You finally make it to class. Accomplishment number one (and probably the only) of the day. Woohoo!

7.   Then you realize you have no clue what’s going on because you can’t even keep your eyes open, and you think of all of the alternatives.

8. Now that class is over, it truly is time for you to get your stuff together, and maybe even make it to the library to do some studying! Kick your week off right… right?

Well, regardless of how your lazy Monday goes… don’t worry, you have 4 more days of the week to make up for it!