How to Prepare for the Cold Weather

It is becoming that time of year once again here in Oneonta, New York. Before you know it the two weeks of fall weather will be over and it will feel like winter. After three years here at SUNY Oneonta there are a few ways I learned to prepare for the frigid cold.

Make sure you always always always wear layers:

As I learned my freshman year the trek from Littell Hall to Fitz is definitely a long one. Once you make it across campus to class or to Starbucks to get your peppermint Frappuccino you realize that the buildings will always have the heat on. So make sure under your winter coat you are wearing multiple layers and are prepared for anything!

Bring food back to your dorm:

I remember one of the hardest parts was making it to the dining hall multiple times a day. I would have to motivate myself to even make the trip once both freshman and sophomore year. If you make it to the dining hall make sure you take advantage of the take out option! Remember in Mills Dining Hall you have the chance to take a meal back to your dorm for free! This way you don’t have to make it through the snow for every meal.

Netflix is your best friend:

If you’re stuck inside your dorm all day make the best out of it. Get with some friends and make some hot chocolate and find the best movie there is on Netflix. But that’s not your only option! You can participate in a lot of events in your residence halls as well. The RA’s always have fun activities and events planned especially when the cold weather is approaching. Make sure to get involved. Or even better yet, use your time inside to get ahead and study!

Make the best out of it:

Most importantly the winters here are absolutely beautiful! It’s an experience that you most definitely will love to be a part of. Make sure you take time to go outside and enjoy the scenery. And if you’re looking to have some fun, the Golding Hill is a great spot to go sledding! You’re about to be inside a winter wonderland.