Getting to know HCO: Kaysie Francois


Although Kaysie is constantly getting her first name misspelled, it is beautifully unique, just as my first impression of her! It was an honor to get to know you Kaysie!


What’s your major, concentration, and year of undergrad?

After changing my major once before, I’m currently going for Childhood Education with a concentration in Liberal Arts. I’m a Junior.


What are your hobbies on campus? Follow up: Favorite poem and/or poet?

I’m heavily involved in the Poetry Club, there are several opportunities to participate in national events and competitions which is something that I find to be particularly awesome! As far as a favorite poem, I’m not sure--it would be difficult to pick just one! Lately, I especially love Olivia Gatwood’s work!


Where are you from?

Long Island! Huntington more specifically!


Do you have any siblings? Follow up: How old are they?

I have two older siblings! A sister that’s 29 now and my brother is 27, soon to be 28!


If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Egypt for sure! It seems like such an amazing experience! 


What’s your favorite song as of late?

“Up” EarthGang, but there’s a new one just about every month!


Do you have any tattoos? Follow up: How many; when did you get your first one; and any future plans as far as body art is concerned?

I currently have two tattoos--a daffodil and crescent moon. Eventually I’d like to get a cactus tattoo and maybe one on my spine; I think those are so cool! I was 20 when I got my first tattoo done!


If you were going to have any dream job, not related to your current major, what would it be?

Interior design would be a dream! “House Hunters” has me mentally renovating spaces all the time!


What’s something that you’re currently obsessed with and/or despise?

Definitely my heavy semester workload. I’m enrolled in 16 credits which can definitely be a lot at times!


Any goals, milestones, or other achievements you’re hoping to conquer this semester?

I think it would be awesome and a job well done if I could earn three As out of six courses I’m taking this semester!


Best of luck this semester Kaysie! The world is your oyster!