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Oils can be a great addition to your skin care and daily routine! I have listed some of my favorite oils that you can use on your skin, hair, and body!

1. Coconut oil: 

What I love about coconut oil is that you can use it for mostly everything! It can be used on your hair, face, and even for cooking. Putting coconut oil on the tips of your hair before you go to sleep can help split ends!

2. Moroccan oil: 

Moroccan oil is one of my favorite oils and it smells so good! This oil is best used for damaged hair and to calm down that frizz! Its best to put it on damp hair for the best results.

3. Almond oil:

You can use almond oil for your skin! Almond oil works best to prevent acne and help dry skin!

4. Vitamin E oil:

The use of Vitamin E oil is best as a moisturizer! It can also be used on your skin for when you get a sunburn!

5. Lavender oil:

Lavender oil is a therapeutic oil! The smell can relax you and your skin. 

I hope you try out some of these oils and enjoy their amazing benefits! Oils can really improve the look and feel of skin and hair!



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