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Finals Week as Told by Spongebob

Discovering that you have finals in every class

Telling you’re self that it’s all right and that you know everything


Then realizing that you don’t


Thinking that you’re gonna go to the library and you’re gonna focus and get all your work done

The reality of going to the library to study


When you’ve done nothing at the library, but you tell yourself that you need a break


When you’re studying the night before a final and you don’t know anything


When get to the final and you see the first question and you know that you’re done for


When you come out of your last final and you’re so emotionally drained

Good luck on finals!



Maria Mawson

Oneonta '21

Maria is a history major at SUNY Oneonta. When she is not hitting the books, she loves to watch sports and spend time with her friends and family.
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