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Females Acing in the Industry

The saying, “the future is female” is not excluded when it comes to the musical world. The transition from 2017 to 2018 not only brought an abundant amount of failed New Year’s resolutions, but also many female artists that are taking the industry by storm. One of these artists comes in the form of an all-female group that goes by the name, The Aces. They are bringing something totally new to the alternative, pop genre with their relatable topics, and confident, contagious sound. They are nothing like the typical girl groups that are thought of with matching outfits and choreographed moves. Not that there’s anything wrong with girl groups such as Fifth Harmony, or a throwback favorite, The Spice Girls, but The Aces bring something totally fresh and new.

The band began when the members were the age of 12, meaning they have had around 10 years to curate and perfect their sound. They released their first album in 2017 and are currently releasing singles off their new album. These songs bring a strong theme of the hardships in relationships, but with a new spin. Their hit single, “Physical,” is about a relationship that has lost its emotional component and become strictly physical, clearly presented by the title. While this theme has been used in many other songs, many tend to glamorize this idea. The Aces decided that there is more to relationships than just the physical aspects, and how people should search for something with solidity. This song, among their others, have very empowering themes that are not only very relatable, but push for the audience to feel strongly about what they believe in, in any type of relationship. I had the pleasure of seeing this band last month and as soon as they came on stage the energy in the room raised to the max, and not one person was standing still. This is just the beginning for The Aces and believe me when I tell you, you do not want to miss out on what’s to come.



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