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February Favorites: Products I’ve Been Loving This Month

The best part about having a spending problem and a love for makeup is getting to try so many new products and finding products that I love. It seems like so many brands are coming out with new products faster than I can get my hands on them! That being said, these are the products I have added to my routine and have been loving for the month of February!

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

I recently found that warmer toned eyeshadows are my go-to shades. The new trend right now is peach-toned neutrals and this palette has the warm tones that work best with my eye color/skin tone and the peachy colors that are taking the beauty world by storm right now! There is the perfect balance of matte shades and shimmer shades, and the shimmer shades have a smooth, beautiful texture, which can sometimes be pretty difficult to find. I have had this palette since December, and regret taking so long to really get into it. Another plus- this palette has a nice peachy scent! Check it out HERE!

TheBalm Appetite

As I just mentioned, I tend to stick with warm toned eyeshadows because they work best at making my eye color really pop; however, on days when I want a more cool-toned, laid back look (because warm tones can be pretty intense sometimes), I have been reaching for this palette. The matte shades blend out beautifully and have a really nice formula, which I often struggle to find in matte shadows. The shimmer shades are beautiful and again do not have that chunky glitter that tends to turn me off from shimmer shades. Plus, these shadows have super cute, food related names-how could you not love it! Check it out HERE!

Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Palette

I picked this palette up on a whim, not really expecting much from it. I immediately fell in love with every aspect of this palette. Too Faced is one of the best brands in my opinion, when it comes to marketing their products and really keeping the theme of their palettes going. This palette was based off of the peanut butter shade found in their Chocolate Bar palette and I am loving what they did with this. Every shade in the palette offers something I didn’t know I needed from such a basic palette. The warmer brown shades all blend beautifully and are great for the crease and as transition shades. The stand out shade for me in this palette is Jelly, the light purple. In the pan it looks like it would be a crazy color but when you pick the shade up with a brush and start to work with it, it adds and nice hazy pop of color to your look. I’ve been loving blending this out on my lower lash line while using the more neutral shades all over the eyelid. Check it out HERE!

Lorac California Dreaming Palette

My last favorite eyeshadow palette of the month is definitely the California Dreaming palette. Lorac makes some of my favorite shadows; I have yet to be disappointed by any eyeshadow I have from them and this palette is no exception. The shades are super buttery and smooth in texture and blend out like a dream. The colors in this palette are unique enough that you can create something different, but are not so out of this world crazy, so it becomes a palette you can use every day. When I first saw this online, I saw no reason to buy it, but the more I looked at it and read reviews, I’m glad I got it when I did. These are not my normal warm toned shadows, but there are a few shades that can be incorporated to help warm up any look. Check it out HERE!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Shadow in Soft Gold 

One of my favorite things to do when I do my makeup is to highlight the inner corner of my eye after I have finished the eyeshadow look I am going for. I think it can really pull a look together and makes everything look cohesive. I usually just use the highlighter that I am wearing on my face for the day or Watts Up by Benefit, but I picked this particular one up around Christmas and have been loving this as an inner corner highlight! This shadow has a nice sheen, not a chunky glitter, which I find in a lot of shimmer shadows. This would also make a really nice face highlight for people with very fair skin! Check it out HERE!

Maybelline BROWPrecise Fiber Volumizer

I am not really a huge fan of filling my eyebrows in; I feel it takes a lot of time that I don’t have in the mornings and it can go very badly pretty quickly. I do still prefer to do something to eyebrows, especially when I am using foundation and other face makeup because sometimes those products can get “trapped” in your brows and make them look lighter than they are. I usually just use an eyebrow mascara because it gets the job done without making my eyebrows look crazy. I really like this one because it has fibers in the formula which help to make my brows look filled in without having to do all the work. My only complaint with this product is the applicator; I feel like it deposits too much product for my liking, so I really spread out the product to help blend it a little more with a spoolie. Check it out HERE!

Almay Smart Shade Skin tone matching makeup

Having dry skin can really be difficult to find a good face product; it seems as though every foundation/powder/concealer on the market is for oily skin. Throw in to the mix that I now have an oily patch in my T-zone and it just seems to make it impossible. Another issue I have is being super pale, I find it difficult to find a foundation that is light enough and that doesn’t turn me orange. This product is designed to adjust to your skin tone while adding some coverage and helping to perfect the appearance of your skin. This foundation has a similar feeling to a BB cream, so you don’t feel like you’re wearing makeup. I’ve been enjoying this product a lot and it doesn’t seem to clog my pores or exaggerate any imperfections. Check it out HERE!

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder 

With the skin issues I have been having lately it has been difficult to find a powder that doesn’t get oily in my T-zone after a few hours while also not exaggerating any dry patches on my skin. This powder has been working really well at keeping oils at bay without looking super dry and patchy too. I originally bought this to bake my under eye concealer with; it is not one of my preferred ways of setting my makeup, but on days when I really want it to last all day and not crease, I have found that to be one of the better techniques. My issue with loose powders generally is that they are white and, although they claim to be translucent, they often leave a white cast making me look ghostly. This powder doesn’t do that because it has a bit of a tint, albeit nothing too crazy that it changes the appearance of your foundation or concealer. This brand does carry a translucent shade though. The only gripe I have with this powder is the smell; it’s like a mixture of old lady and baby powder and can be pretty strong. Check it out HERE!

Essence Pure Nude Highlighter: Be my Highlight

Right now the big trend in the beauty world is to have a blinding, metallic highlight. While that may work for some people it is just not something that I can get on board with. As a result, sometimes finding the right highlighter can be difficult. I picked this up at Ulta over the summer and have loved it since. I recently got back into using it for my everyday look. This gives a soft, subtle glow without going overboard. I can use this for just going to class makeup or for when I am going out, to work, or hanging out with friends. It isn’t overpowering at all, but it still does the job for what I am looking for. Check it out HERE!

L’Oreal Infallible Foundation Sponge

I am not usually one for using a sponge to blend out my face makeup; a lot of people really like this method of apply foundation, concealer, etc., but I am impatient and find that it normally takes too long and would prefer to just stick to a brush. After seeing so many people in the beauty community on YouTube rave about this, I decided to give it a try, and I’ve been loving it. The bottom end of it is great for blending out makeup all over the face, and when wet the sponge gets big enough that you don’t have to sit there forever blending out your foundation. The top end is supposed to be good for blending out concealer under the eye, but I find that when the sponge is wet it is too big to get into the under eye area without interfering with my eye makeup, so I have stuck to a brush for that. Otherwise, I have been using this sponge nonstop! Check it out HERE!

Loreal Infallible Lip Paints: Taupeless

Some of my favorite products to buy and try out are lip products. I was originally drawn to these because I had seen people raving about these lip paints and had to get my hands on one. I originally thought that this was more of a purple shade, which I love wearing, but it is more of a light brown with a cool undertone. I was not expecting to like it as much as I do and I have been wearing this almost more than my all-time favorite, everyday lipstick (Too Faced Melted Matte liquid lipstick: Queen B). This has a glossy finish, which I have been liking a lot more than matte finishes, and it is not at all heavy on the lips; I barely even notice that I have it on. This is not super long wearing like your typical liquid lipstick, but I have found that it still lasts a decently long time. Check it out HERE!

Wet n Wild PerfectPout gel Lip liner: Bare to Comment

Another lip product that I have been loving has been this lip liner. I usually don’t use lip liner just because I have really struggled to find a formula that I like. Another reason I don’t typically wear lip liner is that I don’t like to over line my lips or anything like that; my lips are big enough on their own, they definitely don’t need any help. Again, I had heard a lot of good things about this particular product, so one day when I was out shopping I saw some and decided to give them a try and I am not disappointed at all. These have a super creamy, moisturizing texture that doesn’t dry your lips out at all. These can be worn under a lipstick/gloss or on their own-either way they look really good. My only complaint is that I wish there were more shades to choose from! Check it out HERE!

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