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Fall Semester at SUCO as Told by Doug the Pug

*All images are courtesy of Doug the Pug’s Instagram*

Moving into Oneonta:

Buying all of your groceries and supplies at Walmart:

Being reunited with all of your Oney friends:

Getting lit during Rush Week:

Looking for a parking spot on campus:

Going to Latte Lounge on a Saturday morning like:
Dressing up for Halloweekend like:

Missing classes because you’re “sick”:

Realizing you’re broke halfway through the semester:

Finally getting your pizza after waiting in a long line at Tinos:

Having to bundle up at for first signs of Winter:

Treating Yo Self because you deserve it:

Spending all of your time in the library because it’s finals week:

Leaving Oneonta *reluctantly* for winter break:


Steph Niknam

Stephanie Niknam is a Junior at SUNY Oneonta, and is an Elementary Education Major with a concentration in English. She is from Middletown, NY. You can find her giving a campus tour, shopping online, or drinking a good cup of coffee!
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