Fall 2019 Garnier Partnership

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Our chapter was lucky enough to be chosen to partner with Garnier this semester! Garnier recently sent us some amazing products that we’re so excited to share.  

  1. 1. Skinactive Micellar Foaming Cleanser 

    This product is gentle for sensitive skin, but strong enough to remove ALL of your makeup. Keep your skin soft, smooth, and clear with this foaming cleanser.  

  2. 2. Whole Blends Miracle Nectar 10-in-1 Serum 

    All of Garnier’s Whole Blends products do wonders for your hair, and they smell amazing. Whether you leave it in or rinse it out, this 10-in-1 serum does everything from moisturizing to strengthening your hair. 

  3. 3. Fructis Men’s Styling 

    This liquid styling gel is perfect for quick and easy hair that looks like it required tons of effort. The formula glides on and won’t leave behind a sticky residue, leaving your hair feeling and looking great. 

Thank you so much Garnier for giving us this opportunity and sharing your amazing products with us! HC Oneonta loves you!