The Best Thrift Stores in Oneonta

The thrill of searching though racks upon racks of funky items from people's attics, basements and garages never gets old. There is literally nothing more satisfying than paying two dollars for a brand-new coat with the tags still on or buying 10 new looks for only $10 dollars. Thrift shopping also comes with benefits such as helping to reduce fashion consumer waste by reusing items and can also help you stay within your budget (while still looking and feeling fabulous). Shopping at thrift stores in Oneonta helps local business and is just a short 10 minute drive. What are you waiting for? Here are my top 5 Oneonta thrifting locations to get you started.

1. Salvation Army

Don’t let the grungy outside deter you, in my opinion the Salvation Army is the best thrift store in town. Located on Main Street across from the central OPT bus station, the Salvation Army is filled with both new, vintage and worn items that include clothes, shoes, books, art, home goods, movies and more. You must be willing to do some digging though the packed racks but trust me it will be worth it!

Insider tip: check out the blackboard when you walk in the front door, it will tell you what color tag are half price that day. The best day to go is Wednesday because all clothing items and shoes are half price!!!!!


2. Silks and Treasures

Silks and Treasures is located on 11 Elm Street, right around the corner form Ninna’s pizza, and is not a thrift store but a consignment shop. This means they are more selective in the items they display and usually offer higher quality products in better conditions. You can often find name brand steals for reasonable prices. They are a little pricier than the Salvation Army, but their selection is easier to navigate.

Insider tip: twice a year in the fall and spring they have a one-dollar sale where everything is the store is just one-dollar!


3. Shakedown Street

Shakedown Street is a consignment and fair-trade shop located on Main Street. The funky store offers secondhand clothing, jewelry, handmade goods and more. I love their selection of clothing which tends to be more youthful and unique. The store was founded by a SUNY Oneonta alumnus!

Insider tip: be sure to check out their sale rack, usually located outside or in the back of the store for the best deals. I would also highly recommend checking out their jewelry, some of my favorite jewelry accessories have come from Shakedown Street.


4. Underground Attic

The Underground Attic is a vintage boutique located on Main Street down by Oneonta Hots. They offer a beautifully curated selection of vintage clothing and vintage inspired clothing. Their prices are higher than any of the other stores on this list, but the condition of their vintage clothing is excellent and vintage pieces are worth spending more money on! If you are looking for a stellar outfit that’s sure to wow at a special event, try this store first. The owner of the store is also a SUNY Oneonta alumnus!

Insider tip: follow their Instagram to stay updated on all the new vintage pieces they get in each week. They also have a great Esty page if you like to shop online!


5. Red Closet Thrift Shop

Finally, you should check out the thrift store we have located right on this campus! The Red Closet Thrift Shop is open Wed-Fri from 12:30-4:30 in the basement of Netzer, B-9. They have clothing, shoes, accessories, school and home goods. All items are donated by students and faculty, the store is completely run by volunteer SUNY Oneonta students and all the money raised goes to scholarships! The best part about this thrift store is that it is pay what you will, so you can pay whatever you can afford, and you never even have to leave campus! You can also donate any extra clothes you can't fit in your tiny dorm room or don’t need, to the store.

Insider tip: at the end of each semester they have a bag sale where you pay $5 for everything you can fit in a plastic bag!

I hope your inspired to go pop some tags with only $20 in your pocket around Oneonta this fall season. Remember, thrift shopping is not only good for your bank account it is also good for local businesses and cutting down on textile waste! Good luck finding those deals and steals!