The Best of Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Are you a Disney fanatic? There are so many things to love about Disney, but Magic Kingdom is the cherry on top. Check out my absolute favorite things about the most magical place on Earth!

Out of all the Disney parks, whether it is Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, or Epcot, Magic Kingdom has always held a special place in my heart. Something about walking down Main Street makes me smile unconditionally. It is every little girl’s dream to meet Cinderella and see the castle in person. No matter how old you are, Magic Kingdom is fun for anyone. Here are my favorite things in the park:

1. The Little Mermaid Ride

Yes, this ride may only entail riding in an oyster and listening to “Under the Sea”, but who cares! You don’t need the thrill to make a ride great. You can channel your inner child and sing along! Plus, after walking the Magic Kingdom all day, a rest might be nice! Your feet will thank you!

2. It’s a Small World Ride

Talk about long lines! You could easily wait an hour and a half to get onto this ride, but it is so worth it! From the music to the vibrant colors, you will never forget going on this ride. If you’re feeling tired mid-afternoon and need a break, this would be the ride to choose! The length of the ride is longer than most and gives you an excuse to relax while still enjoying the park!

3. Dole Whips

You may think you know what your favorite dessert is, but, you can’t until you try a Dole Whip in Magic Kingdom! It’s a wonderful combination of vanilla and pineapple all wrapped up in one! Once you have one, your life is changed forever. You will always be craving a dole whip! Guess that is another reason to book a second vacation!

4. Main Street

You can look at all the pictures you want of Main Street, but there is nothing like seeing it in person. This is the first thing you see when entering the park, and it is unforgettable. There are clothing shops, bakeries, and other entertainment. However, going at Christmas time is the best! Lights and decorations are everywhere and light up the street!

5. Be Our Guest Restaurant

This was easily my favorite park of going to Disney World. You can watch Beauty and the Beast and see it on the screen, but nothing compares to seeing it in person. NOTHING. My jaw literally dropped when I walked in. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it is one of the most spectacular sites you’ll ever see. The food is another story. IT’S AMAZING. From the steak to the “gray stuff”, you’ll dream about the food for months after the trip. I still look at the pictures of my food to this day, after a year from going.

All in all, Disney World is truly a magical place. No other vacation will ever compare. These are just a few amazing aspects of taking the vacation, but there are so many more! Go and find out for yourself! You will look at the pictures you take for years after, and the memories will be ones you’ll never forget.